About Us

Friska connects its unique competence in Medical Nutrition and medical science through its unique brands and a large product basket.

Friska delivers innovative Medical Nutrition solutions in Indian Markets such as food & dietary supplements, personal care, ayurvedic and pharmaceuticals that nourish, protect and improves performance.

Our health scientists have selected only the purest and highest quality natural ingredients to maximize effectiveness for our products. Our personalized formulas offer complete solutions that combine the optimal assortment of vitamins, nutrients and natural extracts.

Our Medical Nutrition brands are specially designed for ICU patients, critically ill patients, nephro, neuro, surgery, dose based nutrition, health supplements, pediatric and gynaec growth supplements and supplements that support brain growth and meet day to day and customized needs of patients like Gluten free, Sugar free,Lactose free etc. Special care is being taken to ensure optimum acceptance of taste.